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Mojo ELITE Wristband

Mojo ELITE Wristband

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Wellbeing and Performance

The MOJO ELITE wristband is designed to potentially improve Fitness, Health and Wellness.

How Does it Work?

MOJO technology is designed to combat the negative side effects of electro-pollution.

What is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)?

ATP is the primary energy carrier in cells, responsible for powering many essential cellular processes. This molecule plays a crucial role in the functioning of all living things, from the simplest single-cell organisms, to the most complex animals and plants. 

Mojo Wristband Materials

  • Durable silicone band
  • Thermoplastic holographic discs

Mojo Wristband Features

  • Double Disc wristband
  • Waterproof
  • 6 month warranty

Do the Wristbands Need to Fit Tightly?

No they are better left with a little room, so that you can fit your full index finger between the band and your wrist

Are There Any Instructions on How to Wear Them?

We advise you wear your wristband on your right wrist to start with for two weeks, then transfer to your left for the same amount of time. After that time wear on whichever side you feel worked best for you (some people find quite a marked difference between alternate wrists).


We set new industry standards with our 6-month hassle-free warranty on all wristbands!

Simply keep your order sheet in a safe place, and in case of any issues, send the damaged wristband along with the order sheet to:

AV Edge
Quantum Energy Limited
34 Killerton Road
EX23 8EN

For wristbands purchased at events or trade shows, include the issued paper warranty slip with your return.

We've got you covered!

International Customers

Products will be shipped internationally from the United Kingdom and may incur taxation at the country of arrival. Please check your local import laws for more information.

Please Note

All products offered by AV EDGE are not intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat, or diagnose any medical condition or illness. If you suspect you have a health issue or medical condition, we strongly recommend consulting a qualified healthcare professional or physician for appropriate guidance. 

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