Introducing Our Digital Warranty - We've Got You Covered

Introducing Our Digital Warranty - We've Got You Covered

At AV Edge, we’re committed to not only providing you and your beloved animals with potentially life changing HEF technology, we are also constantly exploring ways to ensure our practices are as streamlined and sustainable as possible.

We are thrilled to introduce our new digital warranty system, a step forward for our day to day operations and environmental responsibility.

The Need for Change

Previously, each AV Edge and Mojo Europe wristband purchase came with a printed order slip which acted as the product warranty, a glossy leaflet, and a compliments slip. While effective for marketing purposes, these paper-based materials often get discarded and are far from sustainable.

As a company dedicated to doing our bit for the planet, printing over 25,000 sheets of paper every year contradicted our evolving sustainability pledges and we knew it was time for a change.

AV Edge Digital Warranty

As our long-term customers already know, we set entirely new industry standards when we introduced our hassle free warranty for all wristbands. With our newly upgraded digital warranty system we’re not just keeping pace with the digital age, but taking another small step towards greener practices and processes.

Every wristband purchase is now accompanied by a digital warranty, delivered via email and valid for six months from the date of purchase. This no-quibble warranty covers any damage or faults, ensuring you continue to receive the level of service you’ve come to expect from AV Edge.

To claim the warranty, simply print the digital document emailed to you and return it along with the faulty item, or alternatively (and more sustainably) email a copy of the warranty to our support team at when you return the wristband. 

Best Practice for Returns

We of course advocate using recycled and recyclable envelopes and we also fully recommend using Evri for any warranty returns. While no courier can claim to be perfect, we are impressed by Evri's sustainability initiatives, including a £19 million investment into their EV fleet / researching Bio-Methane and Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil vehicles, increased usage of E-Cargo bikes, year on year carbon footprint reduction, and their commitment to planting trees and hedgerows.  

Environmental Impact

Overall, the silicone we use in our products is a more sustainable material than plastic. However, it is not perfect, and we are committed to minimising our impact in every way we can. We fully understand that a company manufacturing and distributing silicone wristbands has a long way to go before we can operate under a banner of true sustainability. That being said, we are laser focussed on exploring ways to upgrade our processes and creating as much of a closed loop production system as possible.

We have already achieved step one of our 2024 sustainability goals, to significantly mitigate the quality based returns for wristbands by overhauling the design and manufacturing processes. We are currently very proud to report less than 0.5% quality-based returns for the new AV Edge Legend & AV Edge Advanced, compared to 15% returns for Mojo Europe bands. 

Step two is eliminating unnecessary paper, water, and energy use by reducing packaging (our new boxes use 40% less card and ink than before), streamlining our shipping (partnering with the sustainability focussed logistics partner Huboo) and removing paper-based inserts from your orders.

We are genuinely really proud of the environmental benefits of these initial actions, but also acknowledge it is a small step on a long journey. By eliminating the card used in the packaging and the need for 8,500 printed slips, 8,500 leaflets, and 8,500 compliments slips annually we’re making a significant dent in our carbon footprint. Here’s an estimate of what we are saving each year:

  • Approximately 5 trees
  • Around 1,700 litres of water
  • About 1,500 kWh of energy

We hope these examples illustrate our focus on achieving broader sustainability goals and contributing to a healthier planet.

Our next step will be establishing a "return your AV Edge" initiative whereby end of life wristbands are taken back and recycled into hard wearing and long life items such as stable mats, play park flooring, and garden edging.

Customer Benefits

Our digital warranty system offers unparalleled convenience for our customers. No more misplaced paper slips or annoying filing. Everything you need is in your email, ready to print if necessary. Here’s what customers who trialled the concept are saying:

"The digital warranty is so much easier. I used to annoyingly lose the paper slips all the time!" Sandra Heard (customer for 10 years).

"I think it's great that AV Edge are making steps towards a more sustainable business whilst being fully transparent about how much more can be done!" James Wilson (customer for 4 years) 


Our new digital warranty system is a small but significant step for us in terms of innovation and sustainability. By streamlining our operations and working towards reducing our environmental impact, we’re making it easier for you to enjoy the benefits of AV Edge products while contributing to a greener planet.

We thank you for your support and invite you to experience the seamless efficiency of our digital warranty system. Together, we can make a real difference.

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