Collection: Protect Filters

Help protect yourself against potentially harmful radiation from your devices!

Research indicates there may be significant effects from radiation emitted by mobile phones, laptops, and other portable devices.

AV Protect Filters modulate these harmful frequencies and potentially reduce the damage our bodies suffer at the hands of modern technology. 

How Do They Work?

Where a low-level frequency (cellphone signal, wifi, electro-pollution) is considered potentially harmful, modulating it with a high-level carrier frequency can lead to a change in Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), or the rate at which biological tissues absorb energy from electromagnetic fields.

When a low-level frequency is modulated with a high-level carrier frequency, the resulting SAR is influenced by the modulation scheme, modulation index, and the properties of both the carrier and modulating frequencies. The carrier frequency can have a different SAR compared to the original (harmful) low-level frequency and therefore change the effects on biological tissues. 

Please Note

Protect Filters will be shipped internationally from Europe and may incur taxation at the country of arrival. Please check your local import laws for more information.