What Size do I Need?

Upon making the decision to rebrand, we committed to rebuilding the design and manufacturing process from the ground up.

Step one was to standardise the sizing!

Our wristbands are now "true size" across the new AV EDGE range. Any product that carries the AV or AV Edge logo is guaranteed to be true size!

Our previous processes unfortunately suffered from a 5mm tolerance, meaning a wristband could be 5mm smaller or 5mm larger than the specified sizing.

In other words a 7 inch band could vary up to 10mm from batch to batch, making continuity a nightmare.

True sizing means an AV Edge 7" wristbands internal diameter measures exactly 7 inches, and an AV Edge 8" wristbands internal diameter measures exactly 8 inches.

No more guess work when ordering, or frustration when your new band feels a different size to your last!

How do I choose my size?

Firstly, we recommend measuring your wrist. The simplest way to do this is to wrap a piece of string around the area and mark where it overlaps. Lay the string flat and use a ruler or tape measure to measure the length. 

That measurement is the diameter of your wrist, HOWEVER this does not mean you should choose a wristband that matches the exact measurement!

AV Edge wristbands are designed to be worn a little loose, in other words you need a bit of air space between your skin and the band. This prevents any build up of moisture and preserves the life of the silicone. 

How loose you wear your band is a matter of personal preference, the technology is effective within a 1/2 inch of your skin. Our recommendation is to choose a size that is anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch larger than your wrist diameter.

Using your personal measurement you can cross reference our True Size Chart above to choose the wristband best suited to your needs.

As we sell out of the existing Mojo stock we will be replacing those sizes with the new AV Edge designs.