AV Edge - We Haven't Lost Our Mojo!

AV Edge - We Haven't Lost Our Mojo!

AV Edge Origins

Mojo Europe was founded in 2010 by Simon Tucker, a lifelong resident of Porthcawl in South Wales.

Simon's journey began as a professional surfer, earning recognition as one of Europe's top competitors in the 1980's and 90's. Unfortunately, his promising career was affected by a severe back injury, massively compromising his performance in the ocean, as well as his life on dry land. 

Mojo Europe & AV Edge Founder Simon Tucker

In 2006 Simon transitioned to a challenging and dynamic role as the marketing manager for international surf brands Billabong and Santa Cruz. His new position provided him the chance to frequently travel to the USA, where he explored various methods and products to improve his movement, flexibility, sleep, and manage his debilitating pain. Despite his efforts, nothing seemed to improve his quality of life.

Everything changed during a pivotal trip to California in 2010 when Simon was introduced to the first generation of the discs now featured in every AV Edge product. The impact on his physical and mental well-being was so remarkable that Simon dedicated the next fourteen years to bringing the benefits of this innovative technology to the UK and Europe, impacting the lives of thousands of people along the way.

Our AV Edge Founder working the Mojo Europe event stand

Simon founded Mojo Europe and the brand soon became a household name, most notably across the Equine sector, with Simon attending up to 50 equestrian events a year and supporting the world's best riders. 

The Rebranding Journey

In 2023, Simon and the Mojo Europe team decided it was time to get back in the lab for a complete overhaul. We listened closely to our customer feedback and spent time with our team of professional athletes discussing the next steps.

The mission became simple...

To improve our products to an unrivalled level of impact and reliability. If we are completely honest, we surprised ourselves…

It soon became obvious that our next-generation wristbands surpassed anything we had ever brought to the market. They are stronger, more durable, and potentially enhance health and well-being to whole new levels. So much so that we felt they not only deserved the new designs and colours but a whole new powerhouse brand! 

The decision was made to rebrand, relaunch, and further open the door for future innovation.

Enter AV Edge...

Why AV Edge?

Simon came up with the brand name AV Edge after hearing for nearly 15 years that his products gave people and animals a physical, mental, and emotional "edge." This consistent feedback inspired Simon to create a brand that encapsulates the essence of his products' benefits.

Drawing on his extensive background in marketing, Simon admired the successful collaboration between Jeff Bezos and Turner Duckworth, which resulted in the instantly and globally recognisable Amazon logo, and the clever "everything from A-Z" messaging associated with the brand.

Simon's goal was to create a brand and logo that communicated the impact of his products, but with a realistic and honest approach. He fully acknowledges that his products may not work for everyone and may not improve everyone's energy levels or health issues.

This transparency led him to choose A-V as an honest metric to represent the range of potential benefits. The name AV Edge reflects the balance between aspiration and realism, aiming to enhance overall well-being while recognising individual differences in effectiveness and potential product limitations. If you ever get the chance to speak to Simon, one of the first things he will tell you is the effects of AV Edge range from "slight to significant."

By naming the brand AV Edge, Simon not only pays homage to the positive feedback from his customers but also sets the brand on a foundation of clear and honest expectation. AV Edge offers a potential solution to regaining the edge required for your day to day living, while maintaining transparency about the realistic outcomes of using the products. We believe this approach fosters essential trust and credibility, aligning with Simon's vision of improving lives through innovative and ethical technology.

"The literature indicates a disunity between the advancement of technology and the wellbeing of human beings. It's time that we first let every person know about the harm they are potentially suffering, and second offer the potential solutions." – Simon Tucker

The Science Behind the New Technology

Our technology has always been based on the principle that our bodies are influenced by external and environmental factors. The programmed mylar discs interact with the Human Energy Field (HEF), which can lead to a number of benefits.

Learn more here. 

The original Mojo Europe products included discs that, although very effective, were approaching 15 years old. Imagine the difference between a mobile phone you were using a decade and a half ago compared to the latest iPhone or Android! We also identified slight design and manufacturing flaws that meant returns and warranty claims reached levels we considered unacceptable.

The first significant update to the disc technology was to store more health-promoting frequencies. We are beyond excited to now have over 300 individual frequencies on every disc, effectively doubling the power of the tech.

The delivery system has also been upgraded, meaning that when the tech interacts with the HEF, not only are more frequencies available, but they are also delivered in a much more efficient and effective way.

Wristband durability has also been dramatically improved. The medical-grade silicone used in production is of the highest possible quality, and the flaws we often saw in Mojo Europe products have been virtually eliminated.

True Sizing

Our wristbands are now "true size" across the new AV EDGE range. Any product that carries the AV or AV Edge logo is guaranteed to be true size!

Our previous processes unfortunately suffered from a 5mm tolerance, meaning a wristband could be 5mm smaller or 5mm larger than the specified sizing.

In other words a Mojo Europe 7 inch band could vary up to 10mm from batch to batch, making continuity a nightmare.

True sizing means an AV Edge 7" wristbands internal diameter measures exactly 7 inches, and an AV Edge 8" wristbands internal diameter measures exactly 8 inches.

No more guess work when ordering, or frustration when your new band feels a different size to your last!

Find full details here.

What’s Next?

Having launched The Legend and The Advanced wristbands in Q1 of 2024, the AV Edge team are excited about the next steps! We were initially restricted in the number of wristbands we could manufacture and chose to focus on 7” and 8” sizing.We are looking to streamline the sizing across our entire range to make it even easier to choose correctly. 

The team are also planning to bring new colour ways to the market later this year. Keep an eye out for our upcoming polls and feedback forms where we will be offering our beloved customers the chance to choose the next design!  

If that's not enough, we are in the process of designing an awesome new loyalty program for you guys, we won't give too much away right now, but you will be able to access amazing loyalty discounts all year round, not just during sales and offers!

We are More Committed Than Ever to Your Well-being

We want to spread the message that we haven't lost our mojo. In fact, we are taking things to the next level!

Join us on this exciting journey and become an integral part of our health and wellness revolution. 

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