Meg's Story - Told by Hattie Lechki


We are delighted to introduce you to Meg, a beautiful border collie with an incredible story. Meg's owner Hattie has very kindly reached out to tell us all about their relationship with our Canine Patches for the very first AV Edge Story. 

Meg's Story

Meg is our border collie; she is now 9 years old. We've had her since she was a puppy; initially, she came from the Dogs Trust. 

Sheep Dog Turned Horse Dog!

Meg is a farm dog through and through, with my other half Joe being a farmer. She was destined to be his best friend and very much a tractor-cab dog. However, she took too much of an interest in my livery yard (horses), has slowly weaned herself away from four wheels, and finds rounding up four legs in the equine form much more enjoyable! (when I say rounding up, being a border collie, she is totally baffled in a field of sheep but hears the specific engine sound of each of my livery's cars and somehow knows exactly which horse she needs to go and fetch up from the field) - to be honest it works pretty well for us all! 

Life Changing Accident

Unfortunately, while rounding up my horses some 6 years ago, Meg had an awful encounter with a poorly positioned piece of farm machinery that cut open her back from her head to the top of her tail, as deep as her spine. She needed 56 stitches in all and daily visits back and forth to the vets for 3 months but miraculously made a full recovery. 

That extensive trauma has caused her to have increasing mobility issues as her years go on, primarily with the ligaments and muscles (and a great deal of scar tissue!) tightening across her back. Meg often experiences a total inability to move after an overnight kip, and her symptoms occur more frequently in cold or wet weather.
Over the years, we have tried all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. Every type of tablets / stupidly expensive dog beds / infrared therapy / TENS machine, the list goes on.
Everything we have attempted has, of course, been based on good faith recommendations, but having not yet found a dog to have suffered the physical trauma that Meg has, everything we tried had little effect / short-lived relief.

Canine Patches 

That was until we found the Canine Patches. We jumped straight in, as the cost was a no-brainer compared with anything else on the market or other options we had tried. We decided we had nothing to lose. 

Within just days, Meg was back to being her puppy self again. We cannot explain nor put into words the life-changing effects these Patches have had on Meg's life.

We know when the Patches need replacing as Meg quickly slips back into immobility and pain. However, she was maintained on one patch for three years before we upped her to two on her collar. They last five to six months without fail, as advertised. The quality of the product is also very high.

As mentioned, Meg is a farm dog who enjoys endless splashing through the mud, followed by a cosy roast by the fire on a winter evening. For reasons you can understand, she does not have her collar removed. However, the stark changes in temperature and weathering that the patches are exposed to do not compromise their effects—they genuinely are a great product. 

New Lease of Life

She now has two brothers (Murphy, Springer, 4yrs & Obi, GSD x Collie, 8 months), both whom wear the Canine Patches, and a toddler to keep in tow on the farm. Not only can she keep up with all of them, but she keeps them all in line with her sharp spins and tireless energy, just as Border Collies do best.

If we can influence another dog owner to add the canine patches to their wishlist, we've done our job! As avid animal lovers, we tell anyone and everyone about the products!

Myself and Joe both also wear our AV Edge Wristbands everyday, we quite simply wouldn't be without them and recommend them to anyone who lives an active lifestyle!