EMF Protect - Phone and Laptop Filters

With the ubiquitous use of mobile devices, questions regarding their safety and potential health impacts have become a subject of ongoing research and debate. It's essential for any device user to be informed and make decisions based on the best available evidence.

What We Know

  • Cell phones emit low levels of radiofrequency energy. While there's been a lot of research on this topic, a clear consensus on the long-term health effects has not been reached as of early 2023. While phone companies manipulate this to mean there is limited evidence they cause harm, we stand by our belief that it more importantly means there is nothing to empirically prove that we are not being damaged on a daily basis, and the multitude of studies that prove harm should be widely published! 

  • The World Health Organization's (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

EMF Protect Filter: An Innovative Approach

We have developed the EMF Protect Filter with the goal of offering users an added layer of comfort and safety when using the devices we rely so heavily on in our modern lives.

We are always in a 2.4 GHz field or higher you cannot block this field. Our EMF Protect Filters modulate this signal, reducing the potentially harmful effects on our body systems.


  • Designed for Ease: The Protect Filter comes in a set of two strips that are positioned over your phone's antenna. The slim design means you can still use your preferred phone case.

  • How it Works: Our filter is designed to interact with the RF emissions from mobile phones. Early evidence shows our technology offers significant benefits and we are undertaking further testing to fully understand the full health benefiting potential and effects.

The Market & Counterfeits

As with any emerging technology, there are counterfeit products in the market. We urge customers to ensure they are purchasing genuine products for optimal results.

  • A Note on Signal Blocking: Authentic EMF Protect Filters are designed to interact with RF emissions without impeding phone functionality. Products claiming to 'block' or 'shield' signals might interfere with device performance.

In Conclusion

While the world continues to research and debate mobile device safety, innovations like the EMF Protect Filter aim to offer users potential solutions and peace of mind before its too late.

We're committed to transparency and will continue to monitor and share emerging research on this topic. Always make informed decisions, prioritize your well-being, and stay updated with the latest scientific findings.